Thanks for all your comments on President Trump’s speech. Your attention to his words and delivery are heartening. You get it.

For me, I plan to watch the speech again tomorrow with your comments in mind and will have more to say about the speech thereafter.

Suffice it to say tonight that I believe our President knows it ALL. He knew the enemy’s plan was to lockdown our country for, I believe he said, 3-5 years. I believe he countered that attack with Operation Warp Speed. The lesser of two evils.

He knows the enemy cheated and how the enemy cheated. He knows he won. He knows we must fix 2020 now and cannot wait until 2022.

I believe we have an informed and prepared President and Commander in Chief who will never stop fighting for our freedom and will never let them kill us like they planned to do to the cows.

President Trump knows the enemy’s plan. The enemy does not know his plan. Perfect.

I have said before that our country has been at war since the release of Covid-19 and the attempt to steal our national election. It is a different kind of war but war is war.

We are fighting domestic and foreign enemies. We must fight to restore our unity and maintain our freedom. We are fighting the Communists, the globalists, and the Deep State.

I would urge you to get off Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They are money makers and information gathering operations of the enemy. YouTube is not an ally either. Cut off their revenue and control.

We live in extraordinary times and we have been blessed by our Creator to have extraordinary leaders during these difficult days.

Donald Trump is the President of We The People. We re-elected him in a landslide. We should trust him as he deeply loves America.

But first and foremost, we must trust God. Pray for our country. Pray for President Trump. Pray for ALL.

Trust God.


Here is a link to Link Telegram account, I highly recommend following him.